Say Hello to Shellac!

Shellac applies like polish no pots just a bottle and brush.

Zero dry time.

14 day glorious, high gloss shines that truly addictive!

Thin yet strong Shellac protects and helps strengthen natural nails

No more nail damaging, time consuming removal.  Shellac removes safely and easy in 10minutes! No filing. No drills. Wrap!


Shellac Application £30
Shellac removal only £10
Shellac application on toes  £30

One of life’s little essentials, a manicure is not just about making your hands and nails look pretty.   Sometimes it’s all you need to de-stress after a really hectic day, and can leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and refreshed.  The benefits include beautifully refined hands and nails, improved circulation, skin colour, texture and elasticity, improvement of skin conditions such as dry or hard skin. Nail problems such as hang nail, bitten, split or flaking nails can all be helped with regular manicures.


Please note French polish cost £2.50 extra *