Skin Fitness Plan

Simple home regimen morning and evening three steps:

Step 1

Cleansing is most critical step in professional treatment and at-home regimen. The International Dermal Institute created the Dermalogica Double Cleanse, the two part cleansing routine that begins with PreCleanse a lightweight Olive and Apricot based cleansing oil and finishes with the Dermalogica Cleanser

  • Dermal Clay Cleanser - for skin with excess oil production;
  • Special Cleansing Gell - for all skin conditions;
  • Essential Cleansing solution- for drier or prematurely- aging skin;
  • Ultracalming Cleanser - for environmentally-sensitized skin;
  • Clearing Skin wash- for skin with adult acne, breakouts- MediBac;
  • Skin Resurfacing Cleanser- for skin visible signs of aging with Age Smart;
  • Tri-Active Cleanse- for skin with pigmentation - ChromaWhite

Cleanse  ensures the healthier, cleanest skin ever.

Step 2

Dermalogica Toners- will refresh and hydrate skin. Can be spritzed on face, throat and upper chest throughout the day to help maintain hydration levels.


Moisturizers- will protect skin's natural defenses against the environment while  controlling moisture loss from skin.

If you master first these three steps please contact me for more tips how to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.


Tips for Nail painting:

  • Ensure the surface of the nail is grease free
  • Always apply a good quality base coat
  • When applying nail polish colour, apply two coats
  • Allow nails to dry between each coat
  • Ensure good colour coverage
  • Allow nail polish to dry  before top coat application

Tips on colours:

  • Dark colours will draw attention to the nails and will make small/short nails appear smaller/shorter.
  • For short nails use a pale, neutral colour.

If the nails are very broad leave margin at the sides of the nail's wall free of polish, this will help them to appear slimmer