Spa Treatments






Dermalogica Thermal Body Therapy Treatments encourage skin health while providing the results you looking for in your skin.

Thermal Body Therapy products can be customized and mixed one another to effectively target every skin condition clients for significant results, female and male.


Back  exfoliation – 30min                                       £20

  • Mineral Salt Scrub Therapyal hydration - an exfoliating thermal body therapy that polishes skin while infusing it with critical hydration.
  • Body Foliation - ideal for those with sensitive or prematurely ageing skin, it combines gentle exfoliation with conditioning for soothing and smoothing treatment.
  • Power Recovery Therapy - ideal for those suffering with signs of premature ageing or suffering with dry, sensitive or irritated skin.
  • Nourishing Sea Mud - is the perfect answer for clients with toxin accumulation and fluid retention. The deep cleansing and detoxifying effect of the mud will polish and brighter skin.

Deep Thermal Therapy including Exfoliation and massage - 60min                            £50

Add On Treatments: 

Thermal Body Stamp Therapy                               £15

Body stamp therapy - inspired by the practices of Thai Therapy of the 14th Century. Fabric stamp filled with skin-benefiting ingrediencts and the power of the heat to detoxify, re-mineralise, de-stress, exfoliate and relax. Natural earth clays draw out impurities while ginger and white tea stimulate circulationand smooth skin.

Body Wrap -                                                    £25

Warming wrap induces blood circulation and encouraging  absorbtion of nourishing botanicals. 




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