We all know that our feet look good after a pedicure, but it’s not all about how they look.   A pedicure helps to maintain the health of your feet leaving them feeling smooth, fresh and revived with the added bonus of pretty toes!  The benefits include beautifully refined feet and nails, improved circulation, skin colour and texture, improvement of skin conditions such as dry hard skin and calluses, relief from aches and pains.

CETUEM – The Essence Of Nature Combine With The Technology Of Sience.

Cetuem Advanced Nail Enamel collection is to suit every skin tone and harmonise every occasion. Cetuem research has designed a long- lasting colour, with greater coverage that helps to resist against chipping, fading, and peeling.

Mini pedicure                                                               £18         30 min approx

(Shape, cuticle work, & polish of your choice paint)                                          

Pedicure                                                                        £32        45 min approx.

(Foot soak, cleanse, shape, cuticle work, buff, foot & leg massage & polish of your choice paint)

Luxury Pedicure                                                           £38        60 min approx.

(Foot soak, cleanse, shape, cuticle work, buff, exfoliation, foot & leg massage, paraffin wax or foot masque & polish of your choice)

Please note French polish cost £2.50 extra *

Minx nail fashion is a new and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips. Minx nails have become the latest must have fashion accessory for the celebs, being worn by names such as Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguillara, Rihanna and Beyonce to name but a few.

Minx Toe nails                                                                       £22.50      30-45min appox

(Shape, cuticle work, Minx foil application)

What exactly are they?

Minx is a solid film with an adhesive backing that is heat activated. The heat gives Minx the conformability to fit over the compound curve of a nail, and seals the film onto the bed. The patent-pending, proprietary material that Minx is made of can easily be removed with heat.

Shellac application only                                                    £30


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